The Elementary Knowledge Of Road Stud 2

- Dec 22, 2018-


Solar road stud

Solar road stud is a product with solar panel as the charging component, battery or capacitor as the energy storage component, led or combined with passive light emitting.Its visual effect is better than the common road stud.According to the different energy storage components can be divided into: solar road stud (battery), solar road stud (capacitance).

Led colors and voltages can be divided into two categories:

1, red, yellow;

2, white, blue, green and so on.

Tunnel active road stud

Tunnel active road stud is a kind of more advanced traffic safety facilities than solar road stud, it is through the solar panel or ac power as the input source, through the controller centralized control of the work of the road stud, at the same time flashing or long bright.The effect is more obvious than solar spike.There is a wire connection between each road stud.Generally, each group of controllers can control about 1000 meters in diameter.

Smart wireless road stud

The wireless signal sent by the controller, as the receiving signal of the spike according to the signal sent out of the work, there is no wire connection between the road stud, construction is convenient.Wireless signal transmission and reception interference is a difficult point.

Road stud technology is also in continuous development, more and more mature, there will be more kinds in the future.