The Elementary Knowledge Of Solar Road Stud 1

- Dec 21, 2018-


Cast aluminum spike, plastic spike, ceramic spike, glass ball spike into the general spike category.The following is a detailed introduction of spike by functional classification.

1. Cast aluminum spike

There are two kinds of cast aluminum and cast aluminum shell.All cast aluminum refers to the shell is all made of metal, high compressive strength, generally used in the yellow line, generally known as all aluminum spike.Cast aluminum shell refers to the shell is cast aluminum, the internal filler, such a spike cost is lower than the total cast aluminum, but at the same time the compressive strength is not so high, generally known as cast aluminum spike or cast aluminum filled spike.

2. Plastic spike

Also divide whole plastic and plastic case two kinds.Full plastic refers to the cases all by plastic injection molding, the material may be ABS, AS + glass fiber, such AS high compressive strength, commonly referred to AS all plastic spike, for plastic, the plastic shell is refers to the shell inside AS fillers, such a spike cost is lower than that of the whole plastic, but at the same time less high compressive strength, commonly known AS the plastic spike or plastic filling spike.

3. Ceramic spike

Material is cement ceramic, circular, early application is more, fragile in the transport process, generally do not recommend the use.

4. Glass ball spike

Material is glass, early application is more, construction installation is more difficult, basic application is more

Figure 2. Railway spike

Figure 2. Railway spike

Less.It is generally not recommended.

5, reflective bead nail

Reflector for 21 or 43 high brightness reflective beads.The manufacturer is represented by swarovski.

6. Railway spike

It is divided into two kinds of manual spike and mechanism spike.Manual spike is made by hand and become, appearance dimension is uneven, but the price is low, go goods by ton commonly.Mechanism spike is made by the machine after forging, heat treatment, cover silk and other processes manufacturing, regardless of shape and size and and availability are the best choice, but the price is a little higher, generally by a shipment.