The Function Of Solar Road Stud

- Dec 19, 2018-

HTB1mCSakxGYBuNjy0Fnq6x5lpXaN.jpg_350x350.jpgThe function of road studs allow small inspect, especially road nail is on freeway and highway of one class, the vehicle runs speed is faster, and the vehicle is in nocturnal drive process, visible distance is shorter, can reduce the safety degree of travel greatly so.Therefore, in order to achieve the purpose of safe driving, the front line road stud of the highway is very important. The road stud is another kind of reflection of the light of the car besides the contour marker, so that the driver can know the road condition ahead of time.It can also play the role of inducing and warning drivers at night, which ensures the traffic safety of passing vehicles.The road stud is mainly installed in the middle of the road marking line or the middle of the double yellow line.