The Installation Problems Of Road Stud 1

- Dec 24, 2018-


With the wide application of road stud in domestic high-grade highways and municipal roads, the quality problems and service life of road stud have attracted more attention.But in the actual application process, the damage and the loss of service life often occur because of installation problems.Based on many years of construction experience, the author summarizes the common problems in the installation process of road stud, and puts forward reasonable installation methods, hoping to discuss with colleagues in the field of transportation.

The following are common problems in the installation of road stud:

1. Install on the marking line.Line is also a kind of resin material, itself is attached to the ground, its own and the ground even relay is a certain limit.If the road stud is installed on the marking line, then the impact of the road stud is completely transferred to the marking line, so that the road stud is easy to be hit off, and will also stick the marking line.

2. Uneven installation position of road stud.The direct result of this is that the force on the road stud is not uniform, the pressure on the spike is almost entirely concentrated in the convex and concave part.If you encounter a large tonnage of vehicles, the spike is easy to break.

3. The installation position of road stud is not clean.The fastness of road stud depends on the close combination of spike, glue and ground.If the installation position is not clean, the dust in the meantime will absorb most of the glue adhesive relay, resulting in the road stud bonding is not strong, in the impact of external force, it is easy to fall off.

4. Insufficient or excessive amount of glue.If the dosage is not enough, the fastness of the binding will be reduced and the service life will be reduced.Dosage is overmuch, superfluous glue can ooze out from all round road stud, wipe the reflector piece on road stud very easily, affect its reflect brightness.