The Installation Problems Of Road Stud 2

- Dec 24, 2018-


5. Uneven glue application.When installing road stud, glue should dosage is moderate not only, daub even even, such ability assures each part of road stud to bear force even, avoid to appear to be ground up because of force unevenly.

6. Insufficient ambient temperature when epoxy resin glue is prepared.Epoxy resin glue is a two-component glue, glue and curing agent in accordance with a certain proportion of proportion, and after uniform mixing can play a role.However, as epoxy resin glue coagulates badly in cold weather in winter, it is not easy to mix evenly, so it must be heated before use to soften the glue before use.

7. It is not scientific to handle road road stud.When taking hold of road stud, must take hold that both sides that does not have reflector piece, lest glue sticks, go up reflector piece affect the reflector brightness thereby.

8. The mounting holes of road stud are shallow and thin.This is mainly for cast aluminum with foot road stud.Cast-aluminum tapered road stud have better impact resistance, compression resistance and longer service life due to their deep penetration into the ground.However, in the process of installation, if the hole position is too shallow or too thin, then the bottom surface of the road stud can not be fully in contact with the ground, affecting the firmness of the adhesive.

9. Insufficient time for glue curing after installation.After installing road stud, glue needs a period of time to solidify, ability connects road stud and ground closely, what the author recommends this paragraph of time is 4 hours.However, in practice, many people remove the installation isolation facilities less than two hours after the installation;In this case, if the impact of vehicles and rolling, road nails light deformation, heavy will fall off.