The Installation Ways Of Road Stud

- Dec 25, 2018-


1. Put the installation safety isolation facilities, it is hard, hoped everybody must not be ignored, and in the process of dynamic construction of the whole, whether it's new roads, or has been opened to traffic roads, all people should be within the safety facilities, such as in traffic road construction, security personnel with the installation personnel ratio should be 1:1.The proportion between safety personnel and installation personnel shall be 1:3 for the construction of unopened sections.

2. Determine the installation location and ensure that the installation location is flat. For the road surface with expansion, cracks and uneven surface, the road surface shall be arranged and flat in advance.

3. Clean the installation position with a brush, and ensure that the installation position is dry.

4. Apply appropriate amount of glue to the nail evenly.

5. Press the road stud firmly on the installation position to ensure the correct direction. If there is too much glue, make sure to clean it up;

6. In case of cast aluminum road stud with foot, ensure that the hole depth is greater than 1cm of the nail depth and the hole diameter is greater than 2mm of the nail diameter.

7. Make a patrol inspection within two hours after the installation of the road stud to ensure that all the spikes are not loaded backwards, slanted or pressed slanting.

8. Remove the installation isolation facilities after the road stud are cured for 4 hours.

The installation of road stud is not a complicated thing, but there are many details to pay attention to.These details play a very important role in ensuring the quality requirements and service life of the road stud.