The Led Source Of Solar Strobe Warning Light

- Dec 17, 2018-


The light sources of soalr strobe warning light are divided into two types:

1. High-pressure gas discharge lamp tubes: there are long light tubes, u-type explosion-flash light tubes and spiral explosion-flash light tubes in the shape, which have been widely used due to their fast flashing speed and high brightness;However, with the continuous maturity of LED technology, it has been gradually replaced by high-power LED light source.

2. LED light-emitting diode: this kind of light source is characterized by high efficiency, power saving, excellent brightness can be obtained by cooperating with well-designed lens, and has become a dark horse in the field of solar strobe warning light.

The appearance of detonation flash light is diversified, with fog light type design, which can replace the fog light of automobile.If there is an embedded installation, the holes shall be installed in the headlights, fog lights and taillights of the automobile;There is a glass sucker type explosion flash light installed in the windshield glass of the automobile;There is a ceiling explosion-flash light which is attached to the roof of the car by magnet.There are also installed in the car network or bumper, known as the network explosion flash light, bar light;The products have the characteristics of good decorative effect and strong visual performance.