The Notices When You Use Soar Barricade Light

- Dec 10, 2018-

So, today we talk about thenotices of barricade light.

1.barricade  light must pay attention to low power consumption, the so-called low power consumption is mainly the use of LED as a form of light source, this form of light source and the traditional light source has a great difference, this light source has more characteristics, in the overall power consumption of the most consumption, and the consumption of energy is the smaller. 

2.In general, as a barricade light, we suggest not to use too many colors. Instead, we should try to use a single color. Even through the lens, there is no need to add too many colors.

3.To ensure the service life of barricade light, there are many ways to extend the service life, of course, in general, the life of the whole LED is up to 50,000 hours, and the life of the general incandescent light will be very short, and these are about the size of the whole maintenance cost.

4.Technical performance requirements.Generally, we require the entire working voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10%, the entire power is less than 15W, its brightness and chromaticity in accordance with the relevant provisions of GB14887.Barricades flash working temperature: at + 80 ℃ high temperature or in - 40 ℃ low temperature, light can still work normally, and the hot and humid performance: under the condition of relative humidity of 95% or less, light can still work normally.Finally, electrical safety performance.The first involves the insulation resistance: insulation resistance between live parts and the shell is more than 10 m Ω.The second involves dielectric strength: when 1440V test voltage is applied between the live parts and the shell, flashover and breakdown will not occur.

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