The Price Of Raw Materials Is Unstable

- Mar 26, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE, welcome back to my channel, the week is coming to an end, let's hard-working. Recently, the price of raw material is unstable and the upward trend is clear, almost everyday price is different, so when you wanna place a large order of plastic traffic warning products, we have to check the currently price and offer to our clients, the time will be a little bit long. So please contact with us, when you wanna place a large order to us.


    Why the price of raw material is so high? Let's talk about it and learn more about the price of raw material. Since the return of the Spring Festival, the domestic raw material market soared wildly, some chemical products once appeared full production and full sales, low inventory, mad spot. Because our mainly raw material are PC, PS, PVC, we will mainly introduce those raw material.

    PVC rose 1787.5 yuan/ton, and PVC quoted 8962.5 yuan/ton, up 1787.5 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of February, an increase of 24.91%. PVC market pull up sharply last week high innovation, futures and spot prices have been up to more than 9000 yuan/ton, officially stepped into the era of 9000 yuan, since march to rise by more than 40%, the price is in 5000 yuan/ton, the calcium carbide recent raw material prices and supply tight, cost support strong, is expected in the short term strong PVC market price movements.


    PC rose by 4500 yuan/ton, and the price of PC was 24,333 yuan/ton, up by 4500 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of February, up by 22.69%. After returning from the PC price from 19833.33 yuan/ton, all the way up to 25800.00 yuan/ton, or once reached 30.08%, its highest level in two years, the downstream pressure, clinch A deal the atmosphere cautious, recent raw material rise, bisphenol A PC cost high difficult to drop, so the recent overall weak market space is very limited, due to the large gains after PC, the price remains high, bring the cost pressure to the downstream, clinch A deal the atmosphere of the flat, shipping is slow, in the short term PC mainly inventory digestion.

    If you are ready to buy the product, please you should contact me now before the price goes up, learn more about raw material news, follow our channel, you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact with us, see you next time.