The Production Of Solar Barricade Light

- Dec 17, 2019-

                 The Production Of Solar Barricade Light   


The PCB (Control card) of the light.



        Base Of the Light
       (Lithium battery storage place)


      Production Line

Solar traffic barricade light, including solar panels, charge controllers, stroboscopic control circuit and battery, solar panel and charge controller described the pv input port, the energy storage battery and charge controller port connection, stroboscopic control circuit of input load port to port and charge controller, stroboscopic output port connected with the LED control circuit.The utility model USES solar energy as a warning light brand power supply source, can avoid the trouble of the wiring terminal, convenient and practical, its own set of solar panels to the battery charging, thoroughly can solve the problem of flash lamp power supply, energy conservation, environmental protection, not only can reduce the risk of accident, also can give the pedestrian, vehicle warning in advance.