The Strength Of Helmets

- Nov 19, 2020-

    Safety helmets have always been in a better position,in our company.Maybe,you wonder why?Let's talk about the advantages of our company's hard hats in detail today.

    First,look at the shape,The safety helmet adopts the arch, the arch has a good compressive resistance, can reduce the external force on the head injury, protect the head body important parts, safe to use.

photobank (11)

    Second,There is a small raised part at the top of the safety helmet, and under this part ,there are two rows of air holes, the air holes can keep the head a comfortable and dry, reduce the discomfort brought to the head during the work,Fully embodies the spirit of people-oriented.

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    Third,The inner structure is excellent, PE plastic and nylon ribbon, the wearing size is 50-67.5cm, adjustable, durable,more convenient,suitable for workers with different head circumference.

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    Last but not least,the safety helmet is made of ABS material, lighter than the general weight of the helmet, through the European Union certification.Products can be customized in a variety of colors, with two years of high quality assurance

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    We rely on the quality of our products,hope to get more attention from you!