The Use Of Safety Helmets

- Jun 12, 2020-

The use of safety helmets

Proper and qualified safety helmet is selected, and only when it is properly used, can it play the function of safety helmet and ensure the safety of using bud.The following principles should be noted when using the helmet:


(1) Before wearing the helmet, check whether all accessories of the helmet are damaged, whether the assembly is firm, whether the adjusting part of the cap liner is fastened, whether the socket is firm, whether the rope belt is fastened, etc. If the distance between the cap liner and the cap shell is not between 25 ~ 50mm, apply the top rope feeding section to the specified range.Make sure that all parts are in good condition before use.


(2) According to the size of the user's head, the length of the cap band should be adjusted to the appropriate position (moderately elastic). The safety helmet worn by workers at height should have a submental belt and a neck band and should be fastened firmly to prevent the cap from falling off and taking off.


(3) After the helmet is impacted greatly in use, it shall be stopped in use and the damaged helmet shall be replaced, no matter whether obvious crack or deformation is found in the helmet shell.The service life of general safety helmet shall not exceed 3 years.


(4) The safety helmet should not be stored in places with acid and alkali, high temperature (above 50℃), sunlight, humidity, etc., to avoid heavy extrusion or sharp objects bumping.The cap shell and cap lining can be washed with cold water or warm water (below 50℃), and cannot be baked on the radiator to prevent the cap shell from deformation.

The choice of helmet color is more random, generally with light color or eye-catching color appropriate, such as white, light yellow, can also be selected according to the requirements of the relevant provisions, follow the principles of safety psychology, according to the department to choose, according to the workplace and the environment to choose.