Three Types Solar Aviation Light

- Jan 21, 2021-

    Have a good day, everyone, this is Mia. Today, I would like to explain the differences between the three types of aviation lights. Why are they the same in style and different in price?

    Different bases. The three aviation lights have two bases, aluminum base and iron base respectively. The iron base will last longer in the use time, and it is more safe and secure in the outdoor environment. There is no need to worry about the dangerous condition of unstable base.


    By contrast, the aluminum base is lighter than the iron base, and it is no problem to work outdoors, and it can also guarantee safety and play a warning role. It may not be as good as the iron base in the cycle length of use. But our products have a one-year guarantee period, especially for the products that the aircraft needs to be used outdoors for a long time, the service cycle is longer.

    Different solar panel sizes. The third model's solar panel is larger than the first two models, easier to receive sunlight, storage capacity, and in the accessories are different, such as battery. And the base is used iron base, more strong and hard. Even though, you use it in the tower,chimney, airport, bridge, river, everywhere is fine.


    Different working time. Since the solar panel are different for three types aviation light, the working time also is different. Large solar panle aviation light can continued to work up to 240 hours, on the flashing work mode. Ordinary solar panle aviation light can continued to work up to 140 hours, on the flashing mode. Even though the rainy day, can not get sunlight, in the dark, they also can work.

    Aviation light products are widely used in the fields of tower, chimney, high-rise buildings, offshore buoys, shore markers, fixed lamp piles and offshore oil Wells plus signal lights and so on. These are areas that require a great deal of attention, so super-bright aviation lights are appropriate for use in these areas.


    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!