Three Types Solar Aviation Light-Two

- Jan 22, 2021-

    Have a good day, everyone, this is Mia. Last article, explained the differences between the three types of aviation lights, from different based to different solar panel and battery. These differences do not make a big difference, in the use of the effect is the same, but the length of use is different. Today, let us talk about the same characters of the solar aviation light.


    30 LED high brightness lights. There are 30 LEDs. At work, the brightness of the light source can reach 11,000 MCD, and the warning distance at night is more than 3,000 meters. The light emitting body can be easily noticed from a long distance to prevent aircraft accidents in the dark. At the same time, the warning function can also remind the sailing ship, pay attention to safety.

    Waterproof function. It also have waterproof function, so that it can easily work at the outdoor, no matter what weather, there is no problem working in rainy days, and the design of the product also takes into account the details of waterproof. It doesn't bring any unnecessary problems for the products, this character can support it working on everywhere, very convenience.


    Long service time. It can work 50000 hours completely or more. Have two working modes, flashing mode and steady brightness mode, you can choose one mode available, and the product with light control, work at the daytime, stop working at the night, you just need to switch on, it can work in the outdoor.

    Safety to use. The base of the product is made of hard aluminum and iron, so it can be safely used in high, generally used in the tower, chimney, high-rise building, sea buoy, shore mark, fixed lamp pile and offshore oil well plus signal light and so on. The one-year guarantee period and long working hours allow the product to be used for a longer time, and there is no need to worry about the quality of the product. Both can be used outdoors for a long time.


    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, any questions, don't hesitate contact Mia, see you next time!