Traffic LED Beacon

- Jan 15, 2021-

    Good day, everyone! This is Mia. Today we are going to talk about solar road cone lamps. We have three models that are almost the same, but they are different on the base. Let's take a look!

    First one, the conventional type of road cone lamp can be used in conjunction with the road cone above. It can be directly placed on the road cone above and will not fall off easily. If accidentally dropped will not cause damage to the product, PC material makes the product more durable.


    The second is a solar-powered road cone with a clip, which is used a little more than the basic road cone. It can be fixed on the road cone above the use, also can be fixed on the traffic guardrail above the use. And the degree of fixation is more stable, more not easy to drop, is also a very popular product.


    The third, the base type of solar road cone lamp, it has a round hole under the base can be a fixed operation, with iron wire and other tools can achieve a fixed purpose. It works well even in stormy weather and won't be swept away by strong winds. Compared with the previous two models, this one has a stronger fastening and is more suitable for use in some harsh environments due to its strong fastening.


    However, the choice of the product should be based on the location of the product use, and the appropriate product should be used according to the actual needs, so as to achieve the best use effect of the product. When choosing products, if you want to achieve the best effect, you can consult Mia, who will certainly help you choose the most appropriate products.

    That‘s all, thanks for listening Mia explain the products, see you next time!