Traffic Road Cone Light

- Mar 10, 2021-

    Everyone,have a good day,this is DEK,welcome back to my channel. Traffic road cone light is a very portable and security warning light,let's learn about it.

    PC material. The main patrs of product is PC material and ABS base,PC material in the hardness and softness above are just good, very suitable for the main material,ABS material can be used as a base to better fix on the road cone, or other objects. When the product is used outdoors, the good shell material can make its service life longer and won't easily be damaged.


    Six LED beads. Brightness light beads can provide more lights so that the pedestrians and the drivers can notice the warning signal to safety drive. Six LED lights can spread long distance more than 500 meters,actually,there are two product colors,yellow and red,and the lights source have only one color,yellow color. And you don't afraid of the light will be weak,it is brightness with high quality. In the flashing mode,its working time can up to 8 hours or more,the flash frequency is 100-110 times per minute,and you can choose the working mode,steady bright mode and flashing mode.

    Service life. The life of the product is divided into two parts, battery life and solar panel life,the battery more than 2 years and the solar panel more than 3 years,solar panels can better absorb the energy from the sun's rays and store more energy so that products can work better at night,Nickel-metal hydride batteries are 1.2V/ 2400mAh and are also useful for storing power.

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    Product‘s switch. The switch on the bottom of product,you can turn on switch and get the product to work. At the same time,the product has light control that start working at night,stop working on the daytime. Its working temperature is between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius, so it can be used in many areas without worrying about the temperature will have a bad effect on the work of the product.

    What anything else would you like to know about the product? you can leave message for us,see you next time.