Traffic Sign Light

- Mar 31, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE and welcome back to my channel. Today let's talk about a traffic signal light with voice prompt and embedded red, green traffic warning light.


    With the development of social economy and the migration of the population to the city, the number of vehicles in the major cities is huge, the road congestion, the contradiction between motor vehicles and pedestrians across the street is prominent, it is difficult to drive, and the difficulty of crossing the street has become a major traffic problem.



    Adopted in order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, road intersection traffic signal control play a key role, but due to the part of the pedestrian traffic safety consciousness, inattention, various visual disorder causes such as ignore the pedestrian signal, not according to the pedestrian signal indicates safe crossing the street, forcing motor vehicle passive "comity" failed to according to the traffic signal moving, thus seriously affect the intersection traffic order and passage efficiency.

    With the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone applications are becoming more and more abundant. More and more people like to play mobile phones at any time and any place, so traffic accidents between pedestrians and vehicles at zebra crossings become more and more frequent.


    The warning device for pedestrians running red lights is installed at both ends of zebra crossings. When a pedestrian enters a zebra crossings at a red light, it will send a voice warning to the pedestrian. The device plays a role in reminding pedestrians waiting to cross the street of the state of the traffic signal, and can play an effective role in persuading pedestrians who do not intend to run the red light, reminding people to cross the street to maintain good traffic order consciously, and forming a good habit of safe and civilized crossing the street.


    Ground type traffic light is embedded on the ground of zebra crossings, and changes red and green colors synchronously with the pedestrian traffic light signal on the pole to instantly remind the phubbers.


    Those are application background and brief description of the product, so that we can learn more about the product. If you have any questions, please leave message and contact with us, see you next time!