Traffic Sign Light-Three

- Apr 02, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is DEKE and welcome back to my channel. We have talked the application background , product's describle, the advantage of voice prompt and disadvantage of traditional traffic red green light. Nowdays, road safety is a popular topic and more and more city begin to change traffic red green ligh to protect pedestrians and traffic security.

    In order to protect traffic security better, infrared sensor voice prompt column and buried traffic light can meet many requirements, for instance, the situation of urban road intersections is diverse and complex, the intersections are large and far away, and the growth of green plants has a negative impact on pedestrian observation signal lights. Visually impaired pedestrians could not correctly distinguish between red and green signals.


    And there is a terrible situation that the number of phubbers is increasing, they play with their mobile phones while walking, they are distracted and do not look up to get the opposite traffic light signal. Heavy rain, haze, snow and ice bad weather traffic light signal visibility is low. The lack of light at night makes it difficult for motorists to see the sidewalk clearly.  Buried traffic lights can also serve as a warning to motorists at night to slow cars down earlier. Pedestrians who run red lights by mistake cannot be alerted immediately.

    The voice prompt can reduce this risk and provide a security traffic environment, when there is a red signal, the pedestrain want to across the road, the voice prompt will immediately warn you stop walking and don't go ahead, even though you are playing phone and don't pay attention to the traffic light. Because the voice prompt and embedded traffic light are connected with electric wire, at the same time, the electric wire also control the traffic red green light, it can be more accurate to tell the time and help pedestrains across road.


    How to detect the pedesatrains of the voice prompt? This is a key for the voice prompt, because there is infrared detection to detect pedestrains and to stop or help them accros road. Each cylinder has a pair of speakers, the volume of 0 ~ 7 level, 7 level for the maximum volume, the most about 85 decibels, the number of plays is 0~9 times, and you can control the voice type according to your requirements.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact with us, see you next time.