Two Heads Aviation Light

- Feb 26, 2021-

    Have a good day, this is Mia, let's move on to aviation light, two heads aviation light with iron based.

    A lamp holder was added on the basis of the original single head, the bright was been increased,it can work in a much wider area. As the power output increases, it changes and adjusts as the power is stored,the battery become lager to save power,and the solar panel also increase area to take more energy from sun. Charging time will be a little longer to some extent,it will also be easier to charge in full sunlight.


    Each lamp have 60 LED lights,when the lamp works together,the warning distance will become wider,It has a warning distance of 3-5km, and in the dark, it is easy to see the warning light from a long distance. And the product‘s color can choose according to your purchase meets,five colors is available,white,red,yellow,green,blue. The shell is pure color,the transparent shell allows for better light transmission and helps light to travel long distances.The material is hard PC,can use long time in the open air.

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    The brightness of LED is 11000MCD, and its life is more than 5W hours. There is no need to worry about the quality of the lamp beads. Even if you work for a long time, there will be no damage, so it is very suitable for long time and high intensity working environment,at night. Acceptable working environment has a wide temperature range, suitable for more places to work, more suitable for the working environment.

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    For users, the most concerned issue is the working time, because the output power of the two heads working together increases, the working time will change, but in the case of the addition of batteries and solar panels, the working time can still reach about 140 hours, with a strong power storage function,in a flickering working environment.

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