Two Heads Aviation Light-Two

- Feb 27, 2021-

    Have a good day,welcome back to my channel,this is DEKE. Today,let's continue to discuss the two heads aviation light,three parts,waterproof、based and range of application.

    As aviation light,it need not only brightness lights to play a safety warning role,in the place of use,but also can use in the open air,the most important is waterproof,so that it can long time working and be used  for a long time. At the same time,the character of waterproof can support its use in a wider range of places,it can meet more needs from the different customers.

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    The two heads aviation light has a strong based,cause its weight become more,in use, the weight will be mainly concentrated in the base part, and the base bears most of the pressure from the product, the base quality determines the service life of the product. Iron based can accept more and more pressure and weight,and the service life is more longer than others material based.

    Two heads aviation light is always used high place,under the sun's rays and the wind's corrosion. At the mean time,objects that stand high are inherently insecure,so that it is important to choose a good quality of aviation light for security. Iron based can use many years,to some extent, it will save more money and cost, and also give people a better sense of use.

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    Generally speaking, aviation lights are widely used in iron towers, chimneys, high-rise buildings, large Bridges, large port machinery, wind turbines and so on,for different use places to choose more appropriate products. Two heads aviation lights are more suitable for a wider space, because the overall brightness is greater and the light is spread over a wide area,such as,sea lighthouses, airport towers, large suburban factories, large cargo ships and ports. These places are more suitable for this product.


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