Waterproof Shoulder Light

- Jan 12, 2021-

    Good day, everyone! This is Mia, nice to see you again! Winter is coming, when you work outdoors, do you have to take off your gloves? Would you like to have an outdoor warning light that works without taking off your gloves? Then you'll love this high brightness shoulder lamp that is waterproof and can be operated with gloves.


    This is a rechargeable shoulder lamp with gravity sensing function. When on duty outdoors in the winter, even wearing gloves can be very convenient to control the flashing shoulder lights and stop working state. There are two working modes, red and blue light flashing alternately, and then the lighting function.

    Product is IP65 waterproof, and it is completely suitable to wear in snow or rainy days, without any impact on the normal work of the product. The size of the product is small, so it is very convenient to wear it on the shoulder, but the flash of the product can still be clearly seen, which is very obvious in the dark.



    In winter, just clap your hands while wearing gloves, the product can flashing, floodlight and stop working. It is very useful to help you work on the winter. The anti-fall function is very powerful, falling from a height of 2 meters can still work normally, without any impact. Fully charged, it can work continuously for 15 hours for a long time, which can ensure the safety and security of work.

    USB charger is more convenient, can be used in a wide range of chargers, charging fast, to meet the use of more requirements.Safety traffic lights can further protect the safety of duty or patrol personnel, so as to better serve the people. Choose the right product and use it where you need it most.

    Thanks for listening to Mia explain the products, see you next time!