What Does The Color Of The Helmet Represent?(Down)

- Mar 18, 2020-

Construction site

1. White safety helmet: it is generally the supervisor or Party A, the supervisor is the site manager we think, generally the middle-level personnel of the project, mainly responsible for the plan implementation and project quality of the site.

2. Red safety helmet: it is usually worn by technical personnel, management personnel or Party A. People with red helmets are relatively complex, but they can generally be divided into two categories: technical personnel and middle and low-level management personnel.

3. Blue safety helmet: generally, it's technicians. Red safety helmet and blue safety helmet are selected according to different enterprises. In a word, most of them are technicians.

4. Yellow safety helmet: generally, it's ordinary workers. Most of the ordinary workers in construction sites in China wear yellow safety helmet.

5. Wine red safety helmet: there are few wine red safety helmets, which are usually worn by developers or top leaders. Leaders are mainly responsible for real-time inspection of construction progress, and may also be leaders of external inspection, so in a sense, wine red safety helmet can also be said to be a courtesy hat.

Construction safety helmet

Machinery industry

1. Red: represents the top level of the company, such as leaders.

2. Yellow: for safety supervision department, such as patrol inspection.

3. Blue: on behalf of grassroots workers.

4. White: for technical engineering, such as engineer.