20MM Outside Multi-color DIP LED Display

Pixel Pitch: 20mm Package type: DIP Pixel Composition: single color, double colors, full color Viewing Angle: H: 90 ° - 120 °, V: 30 ° - 60 ° Cabinet Material: titanium iron, aluminum Control Mode: Synchronous control system

Product Details

P20MM outdside multi-color led display is widely used in public places, advertising. Advertising is prominent, easy to attract pedestrian attention, outdoor advertising is inadvertently to the audience to visual stimulation; not compulsive, easy to be recognized and accepted information, and outdoor advertising generally issued a longer period for the regional performance Impression of the cumulative effect. With liquidity, mandatory, targeted, effective and so on.

Package typeDIP
Pixel pitch20mm
Pixel compositionsingle color, double colors, full color
Cabinet materialtitanium iron / aluminum
Viewing anglehorizontal 90 ° ~ 120 °, 30 ° ~ 60 ° vertically
Control modesynchronous control system
Refresh rate≥180Hz
Repetition frequency≥60Hz
Brightness adjustment waythrough the system to adjust (0-100)
Input signal


Operating voltageAC 110 or 220 V ±10%, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Operating temperature-20℃~+65℃
Life  time100,000 hours

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