Outdoor MultiColor P25 LED Screen

The use of high-quality LED light emitting chip, antistatic, brightness slow attenuation and wavelength range of small, pure color;The high quality raw materials and fine craft,display the long life and low failure rate to ensure.

Product Details

P25 outdoor multicolor can use the program editing player software, through the mouse to edit, add, delete and modify the text, graphics,Images, and other information, by moving around, up and down, left pull the screen, right pull the screen, in the opening and closing, flashing, that is, a variety of ways to display a variety of information.

Package typeDIP
Pixel pitch25mm

Pixel composition

single color, double colors, full color

Viewing angle

horizontal 90 ° ~ 120 °, 30 ° ~ 60 ° vertically

Operating temperature


Cabinet material

titanium iron/aluminum

Control mode

synchronous control system

Repetition frequency


Refresh rate


Brightness adjustment way

through the system to adjust (0-100)

Input signal


Operating voltage

AC 110 or 220 V ±10%, 50 ~ 60 Hz

life time
100,000 hours