Rechargeable LED Traffic Police Shoulder Lamp

This shoulder lamp can be hung on the shoulder or chest.The LED light needs to be emitted horizontally when used over the shoulder.The LED lamp needs to be vertically emitted when used on the chest.You can switch from shoulder to chest by pressing a button manually or automatically adjusting the gravity sensor.

Product Details


Product Description


Dimensions76 * 32 * 16 mm
Working hoursWork more than 11 hours
Pulse maximum current80 ma
Battery capacity450 mah
Flash frequency6 hz
Rated voltage4 v +


1. Red and blue flash shoulder light is a warning product tailored to all duty personnel. It adopts high-brightness LED active light source, which greatly improves the effect of scene display and can alert passing vehicles to spot duty personnel as soon as possible, thus ensuring the safety of duty personnel.

2. This shoulder lamp has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, small power consumption, long life and easy to carry.The back clip is made of advanced 304 stainless steel or a 360-degree rotatable plastic clip (optional), with LED white lighting for use as a temporary flashlight.Shoulder lamp is one of the indispensable equipment for patrol or duty personnel.

Production Details

Switch and USB




Iron Clip





Deke red and blue police shoulder light is a third-generation mini warning product tailored to all kinds of officers on duty. It adopts a bright LED active light source, which greatly improves the warning effect and can alert passing vehicles to spot officers on duty as early as possible, thus protecting the safety of officers on duty.


Such a small volume, light weight, small power consumption, long life, easy to carry, etc, using advanced hanging clamp 304 stainless steel material, and has the function of accelerometer, the white light illumination, shoulder will automatically detect position state, and according to the direction of state position to automatically adjust the LED lamp, fog weather environment using effect is more outstanding, is a reminder on duty personnel essential equipment.


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