Die Casting Aluminum Solar Powered Lighting Sense LED Road Stud Lamp for Landscape Street Pathway Surface

Solar power supply, more environmentally friendly. Build-in light source sensor, automatically light up when it turns dark, more convenient. It can be used for the night illumination and lawn or garden decoration, more functional. Simple shape, suitable for various style of garden.

Product Details

1. Solar panel: 2V / 120MA monocrystalline silicon;

2. Energy storage device: 1.2V / 600MAH high temperature nickel-hydrogen battery; 3. Working time: standard li     ght intensity, charging can work 72 hours a day, 

    the battery is fully charged can work continuously for 100 hours or more

4. Display: Flashing or steady
5. Display color: white, yellow, red, green and blue are available.
6. Display: 6LED 5MM super bright LED lights
7. Visible distance:> 500 m 8. Kai control light intensity: 400-500Lux
9. Life: Ni-MH battery 3--5 years
10. Working environment: -20 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
11 Materials: die-cast aluminum sheeting + housing + PC material imported sunroof, anti-UV, anti-yellowing.
12. Dimensions: 130 * 117 * 77MM, Weight: 650 g
13. waterproof and static compression capability: IP68, static compression greater than 10 tons.
14. Packing size: 130*120*75CM   20pcs/Carton


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