Safety Helmet With Visor

The helmet is a head protection device to prevent the head collision when the object strikes and falls. A steel or similar material cap worn by miners and underground engineers to protect the top of their heads. A light protective helmet, usually made of metal or reinforced plastic, worn by workers in industrial production environments. A cap worn by workers during construction or mining. To protect the head from falling objects. It is usually made of wicker, rattan core or plastic.

Product Details


1. Shell material: Produced with new ABS plastic material

2. Lining material: PE plastic + nylon ribbon

3. Wearing size: 50cm-67.5cm

4. Color: Yellow, white, blue, red optional (can be produced according to customer requirements)

5. Flexible size adjustment

6. Two year quality assurance (with obvious production date)

7. Certificate: CE / EN 397 / EN166

8. Net weight: 0.418KG

9. Packing size: 45*28*53CM, 10PCS/CTN


Exquisite appearance


Light weight


Adjustable chin strap


Flexible adjustment of rear hoop


CE EN166 EN397



Pressure principle

There are three main principles for a helmet to withstand pressure:

1. Cushion and shock absorption effect: there is a gap of 25 ~ 50mm between the cap shell and the cap liner. When the object strikes the helmet, the cap shell will not directly affect the top of the head due to stress deformation.

2. Stress dispersing effect: the cap shell is oval or hemispherical with smooth surface. When the object falls on the cap shell, the object cannot stay and slide down immediately. In addition, the force borne by the hit point of the cap shell is transmitted to the surrounding area, and the force reduced by the cushion of the cap lining can be more than 2 / 3. The rest of the force is transmitted to the skull through the whole area of the cap lining, so that the force point becomes the force surface, Thus, the stress concentration of the impact force at a certain point on the cap shell is avoided, and the stress per unit area is reduced.

3. Biomechanics: the national standard stipulates that the helmet must be able to absorb 4900n. This is because of the biological test, the maximum limit value of human cervical vertebra when subjected to force. If the limit value is exceeded, the cervical vertebra will be injured. The light will cause paralysis and the heavy will endanger life.

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