Solar Aircraft Warning Lights

Solar Aircraft Warning Lights

The aircraft uses the anti-collision lighting system to warn other aircraft. These include landing lights, red or white flashing beacons, wingtip strobe lights, and Wingtip navigation lights. The wingtip navigation light is required to be composed of a red light at the left wing tip and a green light at the right wing tip. Use the landing lights during descent and landing and at other times when the crew or operator deems it necessary.

Product Details

Technical Parameters: 

 Shell color:                             Red/Clear

 Light way:                              Flashing/Steady

 Visible distance:                     3-5 km

 LED Number:                         30 LEDs(RED+WHITE)           

 LED Brightness:                      Single 11000mcd

 Solar panels:                          5W/16V the monocrystalline silicon life more than 10 years

 Battery type:                          12V/6.6AH Li-ion battery, charge&discharge times more than 2000 times

 Shell Material:                        Lampshade PC, Base box:Iron

 Ambient temperature:            -40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃

 Best Ambient temperature:     -20 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃

 Waterproof:                           IP68.

 Product Dimensions:              Shell diameter 145MM, Base box Size: 160*130*130MM

 Packing Size:                          38*21.5*48CM/Carton/1 Piece




DEKE solar aircraft warning light can be disassembled replace any parts. Products are widely used beacon, airport  runways, high-rise buildings, communications towers, wind power tower crane, electricity  chimney, inland waterways, sea bridges, etc




  1. The monocrystalline silicon solar panel more than 10 years service life.

  2. International-advanced cold LED with low power consumption, high brightness and service life of light source reaching 100000hours.

  3. Strong impact lamp shape with PC material.

  4. Strong corrosion resistance and UV protection.

  5. Maximum continuous running time of 140 hours.

  6. With CE certificate.

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