Solar Power LED Signal Flashing Traffic Light

Solar Power LED Signal Flashing Traffic Light using optical control automatic control, night or foggy weather automatically open, daytime automatic shutdown, strong reliability, Flash cycle can be set according to need.

Product Details

Solar Power LED Signal Flashing Traffic Light 

1. The diameter 400MM solar yellow flashing lights, solar panel: 15W / 18V monocrystalline silicon,15--25 year       s of life
2. Energy storage device: 12V / 14Ah Li-ion batteries
3. Working time: standard light intensity, charging can work 72 hours a day, the battery is fully charged can work continuously for 100 hours or more
4. Display: blinking, frequency 50 times per minute
5. Display color: yellow and red are available.
6. Display: 100PCS LED 
7. Visible distance: more than 800 meters
8. Life: 3--5 years
9. Working environment: -20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃ 10. protection: IP55
11 Material: imported PC material, anti-UV, anti-yellowing.
12. Dimensions: 400mm light-emitting area Weight: 12 kg

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