Red Fork Green Arrow 45 Lamp With Sound Warning Light

Solar Power LED Signal Flashing Traffic Light using optical control automatic control, night or foggy weather automatically open, daytime automatic shutdown, strong reliability, Flash cycle can be set according to need.

Product Details

Red fork green arrow 45 lamp with sound warning light

1. Type 330 single-side red fork green arrow 45 lamp

2. Product size: 330*330MM

3. Number of lamp beads: arrange according to the actual drawing

4, lamp bead color: red, green

5. Lamp bead category: Taiwan wafer chip lamp bead

6. Red wavelength: 620-625nm

7. Green wavelength: 500-505nm

8, rated power: 6 w red, green, 8 w

9. Shell material: electrostatic spraying, sheet metal chassis

10, working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃

11. Protection level: IP65

12. Working voltage: ac85v-265vv

13. Service life: 100000H

14. Visual distance: 1000M

15.Packing: 63*40*56cm   Weight:17.27KG/CTN  3pcs/CTN


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