Parking Lots Guidance Sign

Display Color:Double color (red/green/yellow) Display Content:Digital, arrow, text, etc Border Material:Aluminium alloy or sheet metal frame(white, black alternative to choose) Front Panel:High transparent PVC sheet or acrylic sheet Installation:Hanging, hanging bracket100o Viewing Angle:100°/50° (H/V)

Product Details

LED electronic parking lot guidance sign by high brightness LED module,drive circuit,control circuit,bracket and other parts,the number of parking spaces display and display text content can be customized according to the needs of customers,usually installed in the yard inside the fork,mainly used to receive information from the central controller,show the position of the parking spaces in the form of numbers,arrows,and words,and guide the drivers to quickly find the empty parking spaces in the system,ensure the smooth flow of the parking lot and make full use of parking spaces,can use 24 hours a day.internal procedures can also be modified according to the user’s requirements,display other information needed by the user.

Display color

Double color(red/green/yellow)

Display content


Resolution ratio



Customized any size

Border material

Aluminium alloy or sheet metal frame(white,black altemative to choose)

Front panel

High transparent PVC sheet or acrylic sheet

Word slogan

Photo printing light cabinet or Adhesive sticker,silk screen(can be arbitrary font color


Hanging,hanging bracket

Control software

DK-LED control software

Data retention

With power down data storage function

Viewing angle


Communication mode

Rs232,Rs485,RF Modem,GSM Modem,GPRS DTU,TCP/IP(LAN),3G

Remote control mode

IR remote control or RF remote control

Operating temperature

-20o to 60o

Operating humidity

15%-95% RH

Input power

AC110 or 220V±10% 50 to 60 HZ


Indoor:IP50 Outdoor:IP65


100,000 hours